Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sonoma Plein Air 2010-Day 3

The third day was again weather plagued. I did get the Vadasz Winery Barn done before the deluge though (see first post for painting). I went from there over to the funky Marina off the Lakeville Highway at the suggestion of another painter. There was this funny pile of various boats in disrepair that caught my eye. The rain made it another Honda Fit special. I started to think of pleine voiture instead of Plein Air. On my way back, I saw this open field filled with sheep. Although this one started in the car, I was able to finish it outside when the rain let up. I then headed back to town, made a wrong turn and saw these incongruous Chinese lion guardian statues at the entrance to an estate. I later learned that it is the family home of the Sebastianis. This painting started outside, but I was back in the car after I finished the line work.


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