Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I've Been Up to Lately

I know I've haven't posted anything lately. The trip to Guatemala (see post below) took up January. A couple of colds sapped my concentration for a couple of weeks. Nonetheless I have been busy.
The most enjoyable project has been a comic book about an escape from Alcatraz prison. A comic book? Yes, a comic book.

Last fall I was approached by a friend and artist, Wren Nowan, to collaborate on a comic book commissioned by the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy. Little did I know that he was an aficionado and talented comic book artist. My job, if I decided to accept it, was to do a few full page illustrations to help the story along. Naturally, I said yes.
Study Sketch

The first task was page 3. Wren had already developed a script and story board. The intent is to show the island in its isolated setting in the middle of the bay. I always do a pencil study sketch before painting. I chose a large sky to emphasize the solitary aspect of the island. For my final I increased the size of the sky. It will be cropped for the book, but I get to keep the original, so who knows?

The classic view of Alcatraz is seen from San Francisco. I chose to look the other way, and used a San Francisco skyline from 1960 or so, the time when this particular escape took place.

More to come later.

                                                                                                                 Alcatraz Island