Monday, September 22, 2014

Three Chapters Down

I'm quite pleased to announce that I'm writing a book on watercolor painting for North Light Books. Now that I've completed three out of the nine chapters, I feel comfortable letting the cat out of the bag. It will be a 144-page hardback volume, which is quite exciting. The working title is, Painting Light and Color in the Modern Landscape.

The contract was signed last May, but I've been a bit reluctant to announce it. It's scheduled for publication in February 2016, so the need for an announcement didn't feel terribly urgent.

One of the guidelines for North Light is that the images come first, and the words come second, so it will be filled with paintings. I'm using InDesign to compose the pages to be sure the images and words work together, knowing full well that the book designers will be free to do as they choose. But at least my intent will be well communicated.

Yes, there will be a page about brushes, hence the image above. I'm hoping to post here at times as the book moves along. My editor says it's okay to post some images, but not to show too much, since it's very early in the process. My final deadline is next May, so I still have my work to do.