Friday, February 4, 2011


I just completed an 80-page self-published book on The book is called, Fontaines, and is a compilation of the research I did while in Paris in 2005 as part of the Gabriel Prize. The book contains over 30 watercolors I painted while there. You can check out the preview at the top of the page.


  1. Yes! This is the book I've been waiting for. Thank you Michael! Its time to go fill my cart.


  2. Love my copy of your book Michael!

    My only complaint is that you made the painting of the Fontaine Saint-Michel too small. Its one of my favorite paintings in the book and its tiny! The rest of the book is to die for.

  3. Thanks, Wren. The only problem with Blurb books is that there are templates you have to work within. For variety some paintings had to be smaller. In fact the Saint-Michel painting is one of the smallest, 5 x 7, so I made it small.
    I'm glad you enjoy the book. I was pretty happy with how it printed.

  4. Michael, I bought my wife your book for her birthday recently and both of us enjoyed it very much,interesting reading and of course your beautiful paintings! You captured the Parisian light wonderfully! I'm a watercolorist as well, and when I saw your painting of the Fontaines de la Place des Vosges, it occurred to me that my latest post on my blog ( was of Place des Vosges as well - take a look!

  5. Thanks Chris, I'm glad you and your wife enjoyed the book. I'll check out your painting. The Place des Vosges is such a wonderful spot for a respite in Paris.