Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mendocino Workshop

Back-to-back weekend workshops can be a bit draining, but last weekend's worksop at the Mendocino Art Center was quite energizing. Although we never saw the sun, an fit was sometimes arctic outdoors, I had a very inspired group of 14 painters who were willing to face the elements.

I did have to do my demos indoors, since the morning temps hovered around 50 degrees and the fog was so heavy that it made standing around watching me too uncomfortable. Plus, the classroom had a mirror so everyone could see. I did do my studies and line work outdoors, but brought everyone back to the classroom for the final painting.

Both of these paintings are from basically the same location behind the center. One looking down the adjacent lane, and the other looking north toward the magnificent cypress tree.

The Mendocino Art Center is quite a vital venue for workshops. The center is undergoing something of a renaissance and there were many artists about. I'm looking forward to returning next year.

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