Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Reviewed

Wow, did that year go fast or what? Nonetheless, 2015 was an enjoyable and relatively productive year. There were some terrific workshops with great painters, humor, and inspiration. My book was finished, designed, and sent to the printer. And throughout the year I made time to paint, experiment with new paper, try a few new pigments, and create both imaginary and representational work. Perhaps 2016 will be as fruitful.
Here are most of my paintings that I did since the end of last year, in no particular order. I've never done such a compilation before. I hope you enjoy. I realize they are a bit small, but Blogger won't allow me to make them bigger. If you would like to see one or more larger, let me know and I'll show them singly.


  1. Wow ! I think all deverse to be enlarged :-)
    If I have to pickupp one it will be the street view row 9 last column

  2. Glad you enjoy them. It would be quite a job to post them larger, so I had to do them smaller. You can see many of these on my website (at a larger size), www.mreardon.com.