Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elabana Falls

Here are two versions. One done on site at Elabana Falls in Queensland, Australia. The other is based on this initial sketch, but done much larger in my studio. The plein air version is about 5" x 10". The studio version is 9" x 18". This is a way I like to work, basing larger pieces on on-site sketches, not photographs.


  1. Thank you Gretchen. They're a couple of my favorites.

  2. Ooooh STUNNING!
    These totally capture my feelings of the time I spent in Queensland. Its a beautiful place....

    I love both, while preferring the one on the left mostly for its color. Although being that color is so subjective, tomorrow I might love the other more.....

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Thanks so much Jesse. I'm not sure most people have heard of Elabana Falls. The on site sketch does have one quality: the memory of sitting in the mist of the falls and the primordial forest.