Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sonoma Plein Air 2010-Day 4

Day 4 was a glorious sunny day. I lucked out and the gates of the Bartholomew Park winery were open at 9:30 instead of 11. The winery was still in shadow at that hour, so I did a small painting of a eucalyptus and vineyard that was adjacent, a quintessential Sonoma scene. At 11 the winery was in sun, so I did a reprise of a view I did last year, since I loved the composition. After another wonderful lunch by Teri Hicks at the Anderson Ranch, I went up the hill on their ranch and saw this funny sculpture. So I did a quick one and called it a painting week.
Thursday night I drove home to Oakland so I could get a quick start on framing Friday morning. Went to the gala banquet Friday night, and manned my booth all day Saturday. Came home exhausted and had painting dreams all week.
I'd like to thank my hosts, Jim and Gail Stroupe for their great hospitality. If you're interested, please check out the blogs of Robin Purcell, Bill Cone, and Terry Miura for their own unique perpectives on their experiences of Sonoma Plein Air 2010.


  1. Your creative output in these few days is staggering. How you stay so in tune with painting and do such consistently excellent work is beyond me. I am lucky if I can focus in my studio for half a day. I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and the compliment about my efforts. Coming from a master like you, it is quite humbling. I am enjoying this personal exchange while your blog is in its infancy - I know that soon I will be only one of hundreds posting comments and following your work.
    Congratulations on your show and all the opportunities that have come.

  2. Hey Michael, it was great to meet you in Sonoma~ Your work rocks!

  3. Likewise, Terry and thanks, Wren.