Monday, May 3, 2010

Craftsman Home

The Craftsman Home in Berkeley has agreed to carry many of the "tonalist" watercolors that I have produced over the past year. These are all imagined landscapes with some strong California influence. Coincidentally, the color scheme is the same that the Craftsman Home uses when designing the interiors of the homes of many of their clients. These three sold in the first week!


  1. Me again -

    Couldn't resist - the fine line you walk between abstraction and representation with your tonalist work is inspiring. Part of me is thrilled to see how much you evoke with so few narrative elements in these paintings - part of me also wonders if you are restraining so much of your technical skill to create such minimal work. I can understand why the sold so quickly.

  2. Thanks. These are something of a challenge. Not all work, but enough do to make it worthwhile.