Monday, July 5, 2010

Art vs. Oil Spill 2

After finishing the first painting for Art vs. Oil Spill, I had to go to a dental appointment. In an effort to ignore the whining saw sound in my mouth, I tried to think of other things. One of them was a different take on the previous painting of whooping cranes. Here it is. I like it a bit more. It captured the feel I wanted in the first place.
All of the information from the first post applies here as well. Please consider visiting and helping the wildlife of the Gulf.


  1. Michael,
    Fantastic work here! Although I do like the first version of this piece, I LOVE this one. I find it interesting that by simplifying the tonal range of the subject matter you were able to achieve greater emotional impact. Thats what I get from it anyways.

    Michael, I found your work through Wren Nowan. I too dabble in watercolour and am profoundly inspired by your work. Ive added your blog to my sidebar, and will be back often.

    Next time Im in California, Ill be asking if you have any workshops going... ;)

    Cheers from Vancouver

  2. Thanks for the comments, Jesse. I agree, it does have more feeling than the first one.
    Please visit often.