Sunday, July 4, 2010

Art vs. Oil Spill

Paul Jackson has put together a store at to raise money for wildlife hurt in the BP oil spill. This Zazzle store features a collection of artwork donated by artists from around the world to benefit wildlife rescue operations. It's rare that artists can use their work to benefit the greater world. Due to Paul's work, perhaps this will help. Click here for the art vs. oil spill site on Zazzle.
Proceeds from your purchase will benefit an organization that is all volunteer and they will use the funds where they can do the most good.
The name of the organization is Wildlife Rehabilitation & Nature Preservation Society, Inc., or WRANPS. They were formed in 1983 and are a 501 (c) 3. Their info can be verified on Guidestar, the website that monitors US Non-Profits. Their address is PO Box 209, Long Beach, MS 39560.
Please feel free to donate to them directly. Make checks payable to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Nature Preservation Society. In the note line of your check, please include art vs. oil spill.

(in the note/subject line of your check, please include "art vs oil spill") Attn: Jan Dubuisson
Thank you for all that you can do to help!!

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